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Is Nimera planning to list on Binance/Kraken/any other big exchange before the NION blockchain release?

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Hi all. I wanted to ask if the community developer documentation be available before the release of blockchain?

Is it planned to add more options to deposit and withdraw assets from exchange and channels?

Hey there! We’ve actually just released the first version today. You can find it here:

I believe so but will confirm !

We can formulate this into a question )

Is the project planning to have community voting platform? Something similar to this forum but where people create proposals and vote with tokens, like Compound or other DAO protocols.

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Is the team planning to combine Channels and exchange accounts in one? It would be cool to have the same wallets and KYC for both services, much easier for new users to join one service from the other.

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Will Nimera create the arbitrage bot for Multibroker?

Why NION isn’t listed yet? Why there’s no sign of the online casino that was supposed to build a project on top of NION blockchain?

Will you translate Nimera website to other languages?
It would be cool to have the main site translated to Chinese or Spanish, like the exchange.

When you will turn on Binance pairs?

Any new partnerships coming? In which area are they active?

How will the quorum for NION blockchain be formed? I mean, what kind of people will they be and how can I apply?

Finalizing AMA questions for this round , great stuff guys!

You said cards were on the way last AMA, why not active yet and can you give an estimate, rather a realistic then optimistic one please as this might be better for the trust in this project

It would be nice to choose quorum through voting

Hi! Will OSO orders be in Multibroker?

Will there be a new NION logo?
Or will it just feature one from Nimera?

Are you planning to add futures to the exchange?